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Set of 4-5 (3) Inserts

Set of 4-5 (3) Inserts

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This product has shipping included! To view the preview for these inserts, please check out the individual Insert Pages. Shipping starts on NOW prior to release. This is a list of what is expected, actual coupons may vary.

Angel Soft any size toilet paper 12 roll plus or Mega Roll pack 6 roll+ $1/1 (5/5)
Angel Soft pack toilet paper with fresh scent 12 roll plus or Mega Roll pack 6 roll+ $1/1 (5/5)
Breathe Right any product $2/1 (4/18)
Country Crock any product $1/1 (4/19)
Equal any product $1.50/1 (5/24)
Equal plus product $2/1 (5/24)
Fancy Feast 1.1oz trays appetizers, wet cat compliment or .99oz pouches fil, wet cat compliment, any variety any combination $1/6 (6/5)
Fancy Feast broths wet cat compliment, any variety $2/12 (6/5)
Flonase 120ct or larger product $10/1 (4/12)
Flonase 60ct or larger product $5/1 (4/18)

Jimmy Dean all items $1/2 (5/2)
Jimmy Dean refrigerated items $1/2 (5/2)
Konsyl 402 gram canister or gusset of daily psyllium fiber or original formula $3/1 (7/1)
Nivea Body Lotion, In- Shower Body Lotion or Crème Product (ETS) $1.50/1 (4/18)
Nivea Body lotion, In shower body lotion or crème product (ETS) $4/2 (4/18)
Pataday Eye Allergy Itch Relief Drops $5/1 (5/2)
Pellegrino Essenza Flavored Mineral Water (11.15 oz 8pack cans or 16.9 fl oz 6pack bottles) $1.50/1 (5/31)
Pellegrino Sparking Natural Mineral Water (8-pack 11.15fl oz cans, 250 ml, .5l, 750ML, 1L bottles) $1/2 (5/31)
Purina 3 lb or larger bag Bella dry dog food any variety $3/1 (5/5)
Purina 3.5oz trays or 1- 12 ct variety pack Purina Bella wet dog food, any variety $4/12 (5/5)
Sprayaway product 15 oz+ .75/1 (6/30)
Wright packaged bacon, all varieties $1/1 (5/29)
Colace 60ct product $5/1 (4/19)
Colace any product $2/1 (5/17)
Covergirl Face product (exc. Cheekers and accesspries and ETS) $3/1 (5/2)
Covergirl Eye Product (exc. 1-kit shadows and accessories) $3/1 (5/2)
Covergirl Lip Product (exc. accessories and ETS) $2/1 (5/2)
Crave bag of dry dog food or dry cat food any size $5/1 (5/31)
Degree Men Advanced Protection Dry Spray Antiperspirant (ETS) $2/1 (4/19)
Degree Men Original Protection Antiperspirant or Deodorant Stick (ETS) .50/1 (4/19)
Degree Men Motionsense Antiperspirant, Deodorant Wipes, Dry Spray Antiperspirant or Clinical Protection product (ETS) $1.25/1 (4/19)
Degree Women Advanced Protection Dry Spray Antiperspirant (ETS) $2/1 (4/19)
Degree Women Motionsense Antiperspirant, Deodorant Wipes, Dry Spray Antiperspirant or Clinical Protection product (ETS) $1/1 (4/19)
Dial Body Wash 12oz+ (ETS) $2/1 (4/19)
Dove Beauty Bar 4ct+ .75/1 (4/19)
Dove Foaming Hand Wash 13.5 oz product (ETS) $1/1 (4/19)
Dove Body Polish WYB any 1 Dove Body Wash 22oz+ product (ETS) $2/1 (4/19)
Gray Away temporary root concealer spray or one gray away root touch up magnetic powder or one root touch up quick stick $2/1 (7/5)
Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise Jar 24oz or larger or Squeeze 11.5oz poduct .50/1 (4/18)
Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling products (exc. bio:renew, color and body wash and ETS) $2/2 (4/18)
Lipton Tea Bags, K-Cup, Liquid or Powdered Iced Tea Mix products .75/2 (4/19)
Maille any product $1/1 (4/18)
Old Spice Buy One Old Spice Body Wash – Get One Old Spice Dry Spray FREE up to $5.49 B1G1 (4/18)
Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent (exc. 6 loads or less and ETS) $2/1 (4/19)
Persil ProClean 15 or 16ct discs laundry detergent $2/1 (4/19)
Right Guard Xtreme Buy One, Get One FREE Right Guard Xtreme Defense and Dry Idea Antiperspirants and/or Deodorants B1G1 (4/19)
Schwarzkopf hair color product $4/1 (4/19)
Soft Scrub Abrasive products $1/1 (5/5)
Soft Scrub Duo Cubes In-tank toilet cleaners $1/1 (5/5)
Splenda Sweetener products $4/2 (5/10)
Splenda Naturals Stevia product $2.50/1 (5/20)

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