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About Us

Have you ever sat down and realized how much you spend on grocery's every month? Have you ever been in a tight situation where your money doesn't go as far as you would like? What about just wanting to stock up on your favorite products to have for later?

We at Coupon Inserts Galore have been there & done that. We've been distributing coupons in the southeast Michigan area for years! In fact, not only do we distribute coupon inserts, we love to teach others about couponing & all of the benefits of it. It's important to note that everyone can benefit from couponing, no matter your income.

While based out of southeast Michigan, we can ship your coupons all across the United States. We also have out of state inserts available. If you live in the southeast Michigan or northern Ohio area and want to learn more about couponing or have any questions or concerns; reach out to us at